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The Calderdale Way is a 50 mile (80 km) walk exploring the hills, moors and valleys of Calderdale. It is an ‘up and down’ journey with few level sections. The higher levels, however, provide some exceptionally fine panoramic views.

 There are some steep sections and there will be muddy parts following wet weather. Some areas of moorland are exposed. Mileage details, which are approximate, are given for longer sections with intermediate distances. The best walking and views as with all walks, would be in sunny weather following a dry spell. Appropriate footwear and clothing is needed for every part.

 The walk is accessible by public transport. Additionally it can be split into short walks also by using public transport. Additionally, there are many link paths. For example, an easy walk would be the three mile Norland to Ripponden section.  Take the bus from Halifax to Norland and then walk on the level and downhill to Ripponden with another bus back to Halifax. Another even shorter walk combined with sight-seeing, would be to take the train to Hebden Bridge, bus to Heptonstall, and walk ¾ mile down to Hardcastle Crag and bus back to Hebden Bridge.

 The whole walk is circular and so can be started at any point; this starts at Brighouse. There are bus services to each of the distance points. Train services are available at Brighouse, Todmorden, Hebden Bridge, Mytholmroyd, Sowerby Bridge and Halifax. Route map and accommodation links at end of these details.


Brighouse, Southowram, West Vale, Norland, Ripponden, Mill Bank

(11.5 miles; start satnav HD6 1PQ)

 This section is a relatively easy introduction to the walk.

 Start the walk at Sainsbury’s supermarket in Brighouse, by the A641. Join the canal towpath to the left of and behind the supermarket. Follow the towpath on the right of the canal. Go under a road bridge and later over a small bridge to join the left side of the canal. Continue to the Avocet factory and turn right over the bridge to the main road. Cross over and then left up the dirt track into Freemans Wood.

 Keep the wall on the left to pass a gate on the left and ignore a track branching up right.  Continue to a stile on the left-hand corner of the wall. Over the stile a path and the ‘Cat Steps’ lead down to ‘Fort Montague’ farm, at Cromwell Bottom.

 At the bottom of the steps, turn right up a grassy track into Cromwell Wood. Continue uphill until the path becomes a walled lane. Then turn left, at footpath sign, down and over the stream and up to a small gap in the wall. At the top turn right for a few yards then left through a stile into a field. Follow up with wall on right to a stile in the top right-hand corner.

 The path now bears right, then left and through a stile into School Lane. Continue to the road, then right, up to the road junction at Southowram (2.3 miles).

 Turn left up West Lane, passing Marshalls on the left. After Marshalls, the road continues to rise then drops down steeply. As the road descends, keep to the left, ignore road bearing off right. At right-hand bend, turn left at way-marked post. This is site of a lone house.

 On entering the lane below the house, immediately angle right past some boulders to a stile. Go into a field and follow wall on right. Continue down to a wall stile on the right. Go over the wall, and follow the path downhill to skirt just left of a school. Continue to a stile at the right hand corner of the wall. Go through the next field to another stile taking you to the main road.

 Turn left and head towards the farm. Here there is a sharp right-hand bend and then a left-hand bend. At this second bend take the stile on the right following the path downhill and left to a gate. Go through the gate and turn right down to a stile and then, following a winding path as it brings you out on the busy A629. Cross over the dual carriageway and then enter path and go left then right, down towards the canal at the bottom.

 Emerge on the canal at the canal locks and cross to the other side. Turn right and follow the footpath with canal on the right.  At the main road junction, turn left. Follow the road under the bridge, on the right hand side, to a car park. Join the rising path, on the left of the car park at a 45˚ angle to the road, to Clay House at West Vale (2.2 miles).

 Go between Clay House which was built around 1650, a former home of the Clay family, now publicly owned and barn, to the rear of the house. Cross lawn to gap in boundary wall into the start of North Dean Wood.

Go half-right as signed and up a narrow path. This levels and becomes broader. Ignore steps on right, down to car park but instead go left on main path. At junction, take left rising path and continue to a ‘T’ junction at a wall. Go right then left at junctions up to steps at top of wood. Turn right, with fields on left.

Continue along top path, do not deviate right. Eventually go through wall pass into a descending track. Turn right and follow down 40 yards and then angle left alongside wall on left, ignoring downward link path to Copley village.

 Keep to the wall as much as possible until you reach another stile. Go left over this and circle clockwise, around a boulder strewn mound. Keep close to the fencing on the right and follow to end of field. Go through a metal gate to the main road and turn right, down to the sharp bend and road junction. This is the Clough Moor Bridge at  Norland (2.5 miles).

 Go left on the signed path and onto Norland Moor, aiming for a squat pylon. Turn left by a wall and stone slab ‘bridge’, alongside the stream, continuing on to a stone cairn. Here take the right fork, along a rising path. This becomes a very straight path towards a metal fence at a disused underground water tank.

 Follow the path edge to reach Ladstone Rock. Follow path keeping to right until the end descent to the main road. Go ahead and down until approximately 100 yards after the caravan park entrance (on left)

 Turn right along a potholed track passing farm buildings and descend until you reach a stile in the left-hand side of the wall, just after a sign on right.

 Here the path crosses a field to a track and eventually on to the main road. Turn right downhill. Pass the Fleece Countryside Inn and leave the main road taking the right fork, quieter road down to St Bartholomew’s Church in Ripponden (3 miles).

 Go past the Church, and across the River Ryburn packhorse bridge to The Old Bridge Inn.  Follow the cobbled road up to the main Halifax to Rochdale road (A58) cross over and walk up Royd Lane.

 After a short distance, approx 300 yards, go right through stone gate-posts below a bungalow, bearing left through a stile. This now follows a paved path through fields to Birks Farm. When emerging through a small gate, bear left to follow another track in between walls.

 At the top go through the gate and follow the wall on the left to emerge through a wall stile in to another lane. Bear left up here to arrive at Soyland Town. Turn right to pass Making Place Hall.

 After approx 100 yards, go right, through a stile on a paved path onto Highfield Lane. Turn right towards the farm and then next left through a stile leading through fields. Then down steep steps to an access lane. Bear left then immediately right down Foxen Lane to Mill Bank bottom (1.5 miles).

 (bus service to Halifax at the top of the road, in Mill Bank)

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Mill Bank, Crag Vale, Mankinholes, Todmorden

(9.7 miles; start satnav HX6 3ED )

 This part of the walk goes over the moors near Studley Pike; an exposed section.

 At the bottom, turn left at the bridge over Lumb Clough river, and follow it upstream. Go through a couple a gates to emerge on Gough Lane. Follow this road uphill to emerge on Lighthazles road. Head across to follow the road opposite as it winds its way uphill for about a mile. Bear right into a grassy lane opposite a wind turbine and then turn left, uphill. At a junction bear left, passing a farm which is on the right and continue uphill.

 After a short distance, reach a T-junction and go left  with views, on the left, into Flints reservoir which is now derelict. Continue on this lane to a stile. Go through the gate to enter the moor and follow this until a fork. Bear right to follow this track towards a distant ruin which is a wartime ‘Starfish’ bunker.

 ‘Starfish’ were large fire decoys replicating the explosions and fires that occurred in a bombing and incendiary raids. They were to lure bombers away from their intended targets, in this case the Greetland railway station and goods yard.

 Starfish sites included a ‘boiling oil’ trough linked to a tank of diesel oil and a water tank.  The trough contained coal and creosoted waste. Diesel oil was fed into it by a pipe. Once ignited, oil was pulsed into the trough and after 20 minutes, water was released which produced a violent explosive burst of flame.

 The concrete bunker is the control. The decoy fire was located south west towards Great Manshead Hill.

 At the ruin, bear sharp right along the level track with views of Stoodley Pike prominent on the hill to the left. Continue through a gate and on a walled track through two further gates. When reaching a wall corner and signpost, bear left and descend downhill over the stile, passing Catherine House Farm on the left with its distinctive factory chimney

 Continue along this road crossing the next junction onto Coppy Nook Lane. In a short distance the first set of farms is reached. Here go left down at Bent Top Farm and through a gate which leads further downhill.

 Follow this track bearing right at the corner and then left through a gate opposite a ruined building. This track winds its way downhill further to another building

 Just before the building go sharp left at a stile and through a stile on the right down a stone paved track. At a gap in the wall on the left, go through to a an initially level paved track alongside a wall. Follow this down to a walled lane and turn right, down to the main road at Crag (4.0 miles).

 Cross the road and down a few paces before turning sharp left, down to the church of St. John in the Wilderness and the Hinchcliffe Arms. From the pub follow the main road up the valley, ignoring the right turn at the old gate house and continuing along the north side of Withins Clough for almost a mile to Withins Reservoir.

 Follow the path alongside the right hand edge of the reservoir until a sign pointing to Stoodley Pike, on the right. Follow this uphill approximately in a straight line until half-way up. Then turn left at a walled lane.

 Go along for approx 100 yards to a water trough and over a stile to follow a level stone paved path with wall on right.  After a few fields, the path goes right through a wall pass then left. Follow this to join a wide track uphill and towards a distant building surrounded by walls. At the wall and path corner, turn right uphill and through a gate at the top onto the moor. Follow the stone path to the edge of the moor. Studley Pike is on the right and provides a detour, if wished.

 The descent down to Mankinholes village is clearly marked by causeway stones winding downhill to a walled track overlooking Lumbutts and Lee Dam. When you reach the junction, do not go straight ahead but turn right over a stone stile, onto a grass track between two walls to Mankinholes (3.0 miles).

 When you reach the main road carry straight on and pass the Youth Hostel, on the right. Keep straight ahead until reaching the last house on the right and graveyard. This was the old Sunday school built around 1800s, a sign post on the opposite side points downhill to the Pennine Bridleway, go down to reach Top Brink Inn.

 From Top Brink Inn, follow the cobbled road downhill towards the water tower.

At the bottom of the hill, bear right along the main road going uphill for approx ¾ mile to Croft Gate farm on the right-hand side of the road at a bus stop.

 Here a Calderdale Way sign beside the farm wall points the way, up the farm access, to a gate at the far end. A stile a little further on the left goes into a field and up to and over stiles to emerge at a Longroyd Farm. Here the path bears left across a small field to the equestrian centre on the opposite side. Go through and follow the access road around to the left and on up to a ‘T’ junction. Turn right and  right again, then all the way down to the (spire) Church.

 Keep following the road, curving left downhill until the path leads to Fielden Square at Todmorden (2.7 miles).

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Todmorden, Blackshaw Head, Heptonstall

(9.2 miles; start satnav 0L14 6NU)

 This part of the walk includes steep climbs and exposed moors. It is the most strenuous section of the walk, but has some magnificent views.

 From Todmorden centre, turn left along Rochdale Road (A6033) to the end of Morrison's supermarket. Then go right, up Dobroyd Road to cross the canal and railway line. Bear left to continue along this steep road uphill to reach the entrance of the gatehouse of Dobroyd Castle.

 Continue forwards up Stones Road around the hairpin bend. Keep following this road up past the ‘Private Road’ sign. There are views of Dobroyd Castle down to the right. Keep climbing the road to the top and then right at the Calderdale Way sign. Go along this track and over the stile at the end.

 Fine weather: angle left up the meadow to the top right hand corner. Then follow the level contour along the wall side through stiles to reach the road at the dwelling Todmorden Edge South.

 Wet weather: continue ahead and rise up with the wall on the right to join a gravel track and follow to the end to reach a road. Turn left, up to the dwelling Todmorden Edge South, at the right-hand bend.

 Continue up the road for a short distance then turn sharp right at the next junction. Go down approx 100 yards then right as signposted along a grassy track and downhill to Buckley Wood. At the bottom go left down Ewood Lane. the descent passes the sports centre on the right to emerge on the Todmorden Road (A646).

 Turn left and then cross the road.  Go left along the main road to just past the playing fields. On the right, go along Stoney Royd Lane which goes under the railway bridge and up to Stannally Farm. Continue around the farm building to follow the steep track further uphill to the gate at the very top. Here the track heads right uphill towards Rakes Hey Farm.

 Take the track to the farm and along the back of the building. Follow the track which bears left and then right. Bear right along a walled bridleway to reach Whirlaw Stones and further along East Whirlaw Farm on the right and Cally Hall Farm sign.

 At this junction, follow the road downhill towards a small bridge across Wickenberry Clough. Head forwards and up for about 50 paces, to go left over a stile. Follow this path straight ahead through fields and stiles to emerge at the edge of the Golf Course. Keep to the left edge of the course to emerge onto Hey Head Lane

 Turn left for approximately 50 yards then right along the access to East Hey Head Farm. Follow the path through the farm to a stile where the route continues onto Law Hill.

 Following the way-markings, bearing gradually left over the brow of the hill. The path then descends down to a stone stile before bearing right and then immediately left to follow the fencing to Killup Farm.

 Ignore gate on the right and continue ahead with dwelling on the right below. Continue to a stile where the path now takes you around a hillside over a stream and left uphill and above the farm. Keep the farm on the right and go left up the old  walled track, then right to reach a main road. Go uphill to the junction then right along the road to reach Great Rock.

 Take the signed path to the left of Great Rock then keep alongside a wall to emerge at a ladder stile at the end. Follow the path down to the road bridge. Cross the bridge and bear right to follow the track in front of Hippins.

 The track then bears left between farm buildings to a stile which then follows a line of electricity poles further uphill through fields and stiles. Go through the gate at the top, bearing right to finally emerge at Blackshaw Head (6.8 miles).

 Look for a stile in the corner of the field, where the path bears half-right to the next five stiles. Then head right to a gate in the side of the wall, which turns left steeply down to Shawbottom House below.

 At the house bear left and then immediately right on a path behind Shaw Bottom. This surfaced track then becomes a rough lane as you head in the direction of Hebden Bridge. A little further on, a sign post on the left-hand side of the track points towards the River Colden and Hebble Hole.

 At the bottom of these steps, cross the bridge and bear right uphill.  Ignore the first stile at the top and continue to the right along an ancient paved track. to the next stile at the top corner of Foster Wood.</o.

 Go through the stile, bearing right to follow the path through fields and stiles, to reach a wider track. Turn left uphill to the junction and then bear right to take you behind some cottages, through more stiles and along a paved way to reach the final stile by a bench.

 Continue to follow the track ahead and downhill, keeping the wall on the left to emerge onto the road. Follow this uphill for a short distance to a gap in the wall on the right. Carefully follow the top path, on the left. Avoid the path gradually sloping down right. Emerge at the top of the trees, giving a better view of  the surrounding hillside. Take care on this path as tired legs and steep drops don’t mix. The path eventually accesses a track left into Heptonstall (2.4 miles).

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Heptonstall, Hardcastle Crag, Pecket Well, Jerusalem Farm (Luddenden Dean), Causeway Foot / Upper Brockholes

(9.75 miles; start satnav HX7 7NB)</o)

 The section after Pecket Well  includes  exposed moorland and magnificent views.

 From Heptonstall centre by the Cross Inn, go on Northgate for approx 100 yards and opposite Northfield Terrace, bear right down a narrow track.

 Descend passing a cottage, keeping to the main path until you reach the main road. Go straight across and follow the path continually down through the wood  passing cross tracks until you reach the River Hebden at Midgehole. Continue ahead and right, across the river road bridge and up to the junction (left is car park) at Hardcastle Crags (0.75 miles).

 At junction, turn right to just past the public conveniences. Turn sharp left to follow a track uphill. At house, continue steeply uphill (not around the house) following the sign to Pecket Well.

 Bear right, avoiding steps on left, and continue uphill until the route levels out through beech trees. It  then drops to a stream and bridge. On the other side of the bridge, climb to a cross track and turn left up a cobbled path and emerge on the A6033 near to Pecket Well (1.5 miles).

 Cross straight over this road then climb to the road above. Turn right along this road (good views across right to the Smeakin Hill War Memorial. At the second turning on the left go up Shaw Croft Hill, to a small group of buildings.

 Turn left alongside the houses, following a grassy track upwards. At the top go straight across the junction and up a walled track to Slack Farm. Continue up this track over a wooden stile, then turn sharp right at the top. Follow the wall and continue on the main broad path ignoring stiles on right. Shortly, an equestrian centre and reservoir appear down right. Ignore path down to and through it. Continue around to the left of the equestrian centre. Follow the track closest to it and then on towards another farm ahead.

 Go through the gate and angle left away from the farm to the entrance of Warley Moor. Enter through the stile to follow this round, keeping to the right ie the lower edge of the moor. After approx ¾ mile Hebden Bridge Golf course is reached.

 Follow this path, avoiding sharp left, up to quarry. Stay on main path to curve around the back of  the clubhouse. Follow this further onto the Moor itself. Go over a stile to follow a track towards two distant trees. On reaching the trees, there is a stile on the right, ignore this and continue on the path close to the wall to its corner. To the left up a short detour is Churn Milk Joan, a stone post. According to legend it marks the spot where a  milkmaid , caught in a blizzard, froze to death.

 From the wall corner, take the path diagonally right, downhill, following the marker posts. As this levels, bear left to follow the bottom edge of the moor. A Calderdale Way sign is reached on the left with a stile on the right. Ignore the stile and continue on the path around the moor edge. Ignore the second stile on the right and continue the curve around the moor with Ovenden Moor windmills on the horizon. Go right over a stile to leave the moor.

 Join a tarmac access road and go left and downhill. This then bears right (ignore dirt road left) and at a minor junction,  go left down Dry Carr Lane. On descending note the third house on the right. It has a footpath gate on the right of the building.  Turn sharp right down the drive and then through the gate onto a field path, which angles left down to Jerusalem Lane. Turn right and follow this downhill for approx 100 yards to a stile on the left.

 Dry weather: go down through the wood to Wade Bridge picnic area.

 Wet weather: continue down the road  to Jerusalem Farm (4 miles) and left down to Wade Bridge picnic area.

 Cross the bridge over Luddenden Brook, then angle up right in the wood. Stay on main path. After approx 50 yards uphill, at junction, take path sharp left and continue ahead. Keep straight on avoiding steps right (Saltonstall).

 At wall corner, keep ahead to join track. At gate go through stile into lane on left keeping to left edge of wood.

 Follow uphill to go around left of a house (Hullet) and up steps into Hays Lane. Continue right, up the road and just around bend take rough track on left, uphill. Pass farm on left and after bends before another farm ahead, go right to join lane. Turn right on and up this walled lane to junction with Castle Carr Lane

 Go over the road and over a stile with Calderdale Way fingerpost. Angle half-right and follow path upward in a mainly straight line. Cross brook bridge and Follow the track above the wall to stile into lane.

 Turn right and then left into a farm access and then go right to cross a short field and stile into narrow path alongside edge of dam.

 At road (and cottages), turn left for short distance then right into field over stile. Cross field going down to small bridge over brook. Continue uphill half-way, go right over stile and left alongside the wall. Pass to left and curve around building (Nolstar Boarding Kennels and holiday cottage) and emerge on Cold Edge Road.

 Turn left 30 yards and right at stile and gate. Go down track at Hunter Hill with quarry on the right. At a junction of broad paths, go ahead and through a wooden gate. This descends with Mixenden reservoir appearing ahead in the distance. When the whole of the reservoir is seen, angle left down a disintegrating walled track. At the end this opens and becomes a steep field descent.

 At the bottom, turn left on a lane for approx 50 yards and then right, through a wooden gate. Go down through two fields to Stod Fold. Continue straight through the centre and follow the road down to and over a bridge, then up to a junction.

 Turn right up Lane Head Lane and continue up ignoring Rocks Lane on left. approx 150 yards on is Croftmount ‘pet resort’.  Just after, on the left are steps.

Go up these and over stiles and a short path to emerge at Mount Zion Church..

 The tarmac road is Per Lane. Turn left along it to emerge at the main Keighley Road (A629), at Park Lane Ends. The Moorlands Inn is 100 yards left towards Keighley, Halifax is to the right. This section ends opposite Blind Lane (half-right) at Upper Brockholes (3.5 miles).

 (the bus service to Halifax is infrequent here, however, another half-mile to the Illingworth housing estate provides frequent buses)

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Upper Brockholes to Catherine Slack (Queensbury), Shelf, Bailiff Bridge, Brighouse

(10.25 miles: start satnav HX2 8XD)

 Go along Blind Lane to Pavement Lane. Cross this road and follow the farm access lane through a couple of gates until you reach a field. Angle left across the field to a gate. Turn left down the access lane in front of farm, Upper West Scausby, and head towards a large gate. Just before it, turn left into the farm yard and curve round to the right into the field. Here angle left towards a house with ten narrow upstairs windows. Go alongside this to a stile at bottom left field corner.

 Go through the stile, along a narrow alley with house on left and bungalow on right to Riley Lane. Cross the road and turn left, then right, down the access alongside North Scausby Farm. Through stile to a field with a stile at the bottom right corner.

 Go right on the road for approx 30 yards and then left down a short grassed and paved lane to a gate. Turn left on a short stretch along the bottom of the farm to a wooden gate. Continue ahead on a grassy track for about 30 yards and then turn right down a grassy walled track for approx 300 yards. Near the bottom, go through a wall pass onto a path with a brook on the left. Go through another wall pass, over a brook and immediately right into the tree area.

 Here are a series of ponds. Follow the path to the right of the first pond and follow this until just before the third pond. Here take a path to the right where a small bridge leads to a stile and a field.

 Cross this diagonally to the top left-hand corner through a metal gate. This is the least scenic part of the whole walk. Follow the path through an industrial estate and continue on to Holdsworth House residential hotel. Enter the drive by the hotel and follow to the end, to Holdsworth Road with St Catherine’s High School opposite.

 Turn left and follow the road downhill and round the corner to a junction, on the left, also called Holdsworth Road. Turn left here and left again on Brow Lane and follow this uphill.  Pass some terraced houses on the left at School Cote. 100 yards further up the road, turn right onto the steeply cobbled Crooked Lane. On reaching the top, turn left and follow the sign pointing towards the ski slope. This is at the junction of Queensbury Road (A647) and Swalesmoor Road at Catherine Slack (2.5 miles).

At the junction, turn right along Swales Moor Road. After about 100 yards turn left opposite the buildings at Slack End, down a steep track with high walls either side. This bends right then left and becomes muddy at an overflowing well. At the next junction, turn sharp right and continue to go through a stile at a gate. Shortly bear left beside a gully walking on stone flags. Follow this down, angling left to a stile and wall pass at a wood.

 Go over a stile with Scout Hall on the right.  Built in 1681 and known as a  ‘calendar building’: it has 365 window panes, 52 doors, 12 bays.  The original owner, John Mitchell, silk importer is said to have held wild gambling parties. Pevsner (architectural historian) described it as a ‘half-derelict palace’.

Angle left to a stile and down a path, later beside a stream and down steps to the bridge at the bottom. Cross and climb steps to a gate at Simm Carr Lane.

 Turn right on the lane until the first building Simm Carr, on the right with a white gate at far end. Opposite is a stile and rising path. Follow this to the top and then over a stile on the left. Go along top edge of field to stile in corner into next rising field. Go up this, close to left-hand edge and over stile into steeper field with stone flags. Go through wall pass and into a lane. Turn right up the lane, go through the gate and then farm and on to the main road.

 At the junction, turn right on Paddock Road and continue to dwellings at Cowling Lane. Turn left, then after 30 yards, turn right through a stile., A path rises to a stile at the top. Turn right then almost immediately left, between large boulders.

 Follow the path and turn left at junction, continuing up the path to a cross junction. Here turn right to a road. On the opposite side of the road is a step stile, leading through fields around the back of the farm.  At the end of the third field, ignore the gate to the left and continue ahead through stiles to a road. Turn left on Hud Hill Road and follow to meet the main Brighouse and Denholmegate road at the Duke of York Inn and Stone Chair.

 Cross over the road and go round the Inn to go down West Street. Continue ahead and then along and up Cock Hill Lane; this becomes Shelf Hall Lane. Pass the junior school on the left and after another 100 yards turn right down a passage in between buildings with Calderdale Way signpost. This emerges on Bradford Road (A6036), at Shelf (2.75 miles).

 Cross the road to an unmade lane, Bridle Stile. Keep the park on the left and follow the lane downhill. Continue for approximately half-a-mile to meet a farm at the end called Dean Head. Go over a stile on the left and angle right down towards another stile. Go down and over a bridge and up 114 steps to a lane.

 Regain breath, then turn right downhill and pass a house to where a stile leads along a path through the top of North Wood. At the end bear left through an opening into a field. Angle right uphill, towards a pylon, to a stile. Turn right and follow the wall side into a grassy lane leading to Middle Ox Heys Farm and then onto Norwood Green.

At the main road, turn left and follow, passing the Old White Beare pub. Continue down to the War Memorial at the crossroads.

 Turn right on Rookes Lane, past the swings and then left on unmade road passing Norwood Terrace on the left. Go down the track, passing Upper Rookes Hall on the right and then the Cricket field.

 Keep to the left boundary of the cricket field and walk down to cross over a railway bridge and turn right into a field. Follow this downhill to where a stile takes you across the A58 main road. On the opposite side, to the right of Nord Green Nurseries, another stile enters a field. Bear left and follow down to a small bridge.

Go through the ginnel at housing estate and down Victoria Road all the way to then end and left around the corner of the former Punch Bowl pub at the Bailiff Bridge (3 miles) crossroads.

 Go over the main Bradford Road (A641) and up Birkby Lane beside Clifton House. Just before the viaduct, take the road on the right, Birkhouse Road. The road bears left under the arch of a defunct railway bridge then right along Woolrow Lane (ignore road up left) continue along and then curve down right around Common End Farm. Continue up the steep hill towards a bungalow on the left and Woolrow Farm.

 Turn left around the back of the bungalow to a stile. Then turn right and follow the wall to descend the hill to the bottom, climbing over stiles and through fields. At the bottom right corner is an opening onto Thornhills Beck Lane.

 Turn right and head downhill. After approx 100 yards turn left up some steps, over a stile and follow the path uphill to a gap in the wall at the right corner. Turn right onto Thornhills Lane following the road as it turns sharp right and left. At this corner is a house that was once a ‘fever’ hospital.

 In 1892 a smallpox epidemic began at Clifton. Only 56 days later the isolation hospital was built and opened. 300 people in total contracted the disease, 29 died; Brighouse became a ‘ghost town’.

 After about 200 yards turn right at a signpost and a stile to a path through a field. Follow this downhill to a gap in the wall. Turn immediately left, keeping the wall on the left and the trees on the right, (the disused rail line). Continue to some steps which lead down to a main road (A643).

 Cross and go down Alegar Street. Turn right onto Wakefield Road (A644), left into Grove Street and then right, along Mill Lane to Sainsbury’s, Brighouse (2 miles) and the finish of the walk.

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These walk details prepared for CREW are for CREW and Heartbeat, June 2011.

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