Self Guided Walks

Mount Tabor

You can park on Health Hill Road, Mount Tabor.

Beginning at the crossroads in Mount Tabor, take the road that heads towards Mixenden, after approx. 40 meters turn right down the public footpath which runs across and down the field. You will enter Ramsden Wood; the reservoir is visible through the trees on the left. Continue forward along the lower edge of the woods and join up with a concrete track. Continue forward, as the track peels away to the left, take the footpath on the right which heads under the trees. Where it emerges from the woodland, turn left and follow the footpath down and keep within the walled lane.

Be careful as you emerge onto the roadside, turn left and follow the road, after a short steep climb, passing Gibraltar Farm. Gibb Lane bends to the left, continue forward onto the track, leaving the road and follow this along the edge of the hillside passing numerous farms and properties (one of the oldest houses in the district – Grindlestone Bank). Just after Grindlestone Bank, take the left-hand fork, heading up the hillside to come out on the roadside.

Cross the road and turn left. Head along the roadside then take the track on the right passing Greenroyd Farm. Continue up the track and pass the next set of houses. Continue forward along the tarmac track. Just before the play area, on the left, turn right and follow the track along the hillside. Where this meets the road, cross carefully and follow the bridleway, taking the left turn before it enters the fields.

You are now in Wainstalls village. Cross the road and head straight forward, by the old chapel, down the track, keeping the graveyard on the left. At the house, head right down the walled footpath and then down across the fields.

Turn right when you reach the road, head down the road for approx. 70 meters and then take the tarmac track, on the left to the farm. Turn left and follow the footpath through the fields along the hillside. When it meets up with a concrete track, turn right and head downhill. Just before you enter the yard at Peacock Farm, turn left and follow the bridleway through the fields.

Pass between the two houses and continue forward up the walled path (Spanefield Lane), at the top turn right on the dirt track and walk up to meet the road. Cross the road and take the footpath straight forward up the steep field. At the top turn right and follow the track along the hillside.

When this track ends at the road, turn left and then head right down the public footpath opposite, just before the gate at the end of the track, turn left through the style and follow the footpath over the fields. When this comes out onto the roadside, turn left and walk back to Mount Tabor.