Self Guided Walks

Brighouse – Wellholme Park – Short Walk




Brighouse – Wellholme Park

CREW – short starter walks

We start our walk from the Central Methodist Church, walk down and pass Wilkinsons store to Thornton Square.

Walk to Anchor Bridge and left along the canal towpath to the stone packhorse bridge, go over and into the canal basin.

Retrace your steps back to Sainsbury’s and through the car park. Cross over Huddersfield Road at the crossing and onto Bethel Street.

Turn first right up the alley (Hall Street) left up the small steps and through the ‘tunnel’ emerging into Commercial Street.

Cross over, turn left and through the first small gap on the right between the buildings and up to the bus station, continue along to the Central Methodist Church.

Town Centre Extension – 10 more minutes – quarter mile.

From the church go up the short road and through the underpass. Walk up Church Lane to St. Martins Church.

Turn left through the church gates and walk around the church to go along the alley to the back entrance of Smith Art Gallery and Library grounds.

Pass the war memorial and down to the lower exit. Turn left and walk down Halifax Road to the junction, cross the road and continue back to the church.