Self Guided Walks

CREW – A Short Walk to Haley Hill




CREW – A Short Walk to Haley Hill

We start our walk from the North Bridge Leisure Centre, walk up the cobbled hill to Northgate. Turn right and walk across North Bridge. At the traffic lights cross over the road to enter Haley Hill.

So much has changed in this area since the 1960’s but you will pass through history as you proceed up the footpath towards Boothtown.

The footpath will take you under the flyover slip road, passing KFC and the Lidl supermarket. On your right is All Souls Church, built by Col. Ackroyd, on your left is the All Souls Church Warden’s House. The children’s play area was once the swimming baths.

Continue along the footpath, Bankfield House and gardens are on your right, the home of Col. Ackroyd and now a museum, the home of the Duke of Wellington Regimental Museum. If you want to extend your visit you can always go in, or save it for another day, you really need several hours.

You will come to Chester Road on your left, just after the parade of shops, turn left and walk down Chester Road, Ackroyden was also built by Col. Ackroyd to house his many workers, there is a very beautiful garden area in the middle.

Walk to the bottom, turn left into a short road and a flight of steps. Go down the steps with care and turn into Old Lane. Walk down Old Lane, the Dean Clough Mills are on your right, once the home of the largest carpet manufacturers in the world – Crossley’s Carpets – a name so prominent within Halifax.

Follow the cobbled road around and under North Bridge to return to the North Bridge Leisure Centre.