Self Guided Walks

Hebden Trail & Siddal Top

We start our walk from the carpark next to the Shears Inn, Paris Gate, HX3 9EZ.

Leaving the carpark take the cobbled path to your left and up on to Shaw Lane, turn left and continue along Shaw Lane until you will find a cobbled footpath on your left, leading you down to the bottom of Phoebe Lane. Walk up and between the mills and continue along until you will see the start of the Hebble Trail.

Follow the well-defined track through the valley bottom until you come out onto Salterhebble and the main road. Turn left and walk along the footpath, cross over Jubilee Road, keeping right and then walk up Exley Bank. Continue up until there is a gateway into a large house on your left, directly opposite you will see the path leading you into the wood.

Continue along the path, you will be overlooking the duel carriageway. After nearly a mile, on your left you will find the path going left and this will bring you into the cemetery. Follow the path through the cemetery to the gate house.

Turn right and walk down Exley Lane to its junction with Park Road. Turn left and walk under the railway bridge, turn sharp left and walk up the road at the side of the mill apartments. Then turn right and walk at the back of the apartments onto Woodlands Road. When you come to the houses keep left and walk in front of them, along Plains Lane to the end. You will see the wide red-bricked path going up through the fields.

After about 400 meters you will see a path on your left dropping down to the stream and then up to a style in the wall. Turn diagonally right and walk up to the large tree. Follow the path to your left and then onto the track, this will bring you out at the junction of Park Lane and Change Lane. Continue up the hill for 300 meters, on your left you will see the track leading to a small hamlet of houses, this is Siddal Top Lane.

Walk down the lane and pass the houses, continue along, passing the recycling plant, keeping on the top road. You will come out onto Whitegate, turn left and walk down the cobbled hill to the junction with Whitegate Road and Siddal New Road. Go straight forward and down the small road, which is the continuation of Whitegate Road. You will then come to the junction of Boys Lane, turning left will bring you back to the Shears Inn.

You can always plan you walk to finish with a well-earned meal, sampling the excellent food and beers at the Shears Inn, highly recommended.