Self Guided Walks

Hunsworth and East Bierley

Hunsworth & East Bierley

4.5 mile – 2.5 hours – grade 2+

We start our walk on Hunsworth Lane, near to the Savile Arms, where you will find on street parking. Walk up Hunsworth Lane, passing the front of the pub, keep right and walk around the houses into the corner. You will find a footpath leading you into a cul-de-sac, between No. 29 & No. 31 there is another path leading you into a field.

Walk straight forward, down the middle of the field, ahead you will see the row of telegraph poles, head towards the last one on the right. Continue towards the fence where you will see a stile in the fence. Follow the path, keeping to your left, around the field and up, into the small woodland. The path will eventually bring you onto Hunsworth Lane. Turn right and cross the bridge over the M62.

Turn left and follow the wide track towards the stables, keeping to the track walk pass the stables, through the gates and into the field. Follow the fence on your right, turn right and head towards the stile. Follow the path across the field to another stile, once in the next field you will see a large tree in the middle, head towards the tree, keeping to the right-hand side. The path will go straight forward to another stile.

The path will now continue through the field and head up to your right, towards the farm buildings. You will see a stile on to a wide tree lined track, continue up until you reach Hunsworth Lane once again.

Walk along Hunsworth Lane towards the houses in the distance, on your right you will see the Bridle Way, turn right and follow this down. The track is well marked, continue across the fields, the track will bring you to fenced path towards the Blue Hill Farm Shop.

Walk down the access road and on to the A58, turn right and cross over the M62. Once you have reached the other side of the bridge, you will see a path on your right going between the woodland, this will lead you to a stile in to the field. Keep to the top side of the field and in the far right-hand corner is another stile.

Turn left and follow the first the field fence and then the hedging down the field. The path will turn left but will still keep to the field side and on towards an old gap stile. Turn sharp right through the next stile and into the field. Head down the field towards the stream and a small wooden bridge across.

Follow the path up through the woodland and back to the fence, you are now on the same path, turn left and head towards the stile. Follow your footsteps back up the field to the stile, into the cul-de-sac, the path opposite and back towards the Savile Arms.