Self Guided Walks

Brearley and Hebden Bridge

Brearley & Hebden Bridge

5.5 miles – grade 2 – 2.5 hours

We start our walk in Mytholmroyd, in the Good Shepherd carpark opposite The Shoulder of Mutton on New Road.

At the far end of the carpark, you will see the wide wooden gate and style next to it. Continue along the wide track, passing the children’s play area. Walk up the slight incline and follow the way-marker straight forward, you will walk in front of the large boulder wall, passing the eco-houses. At the T junction of paths, turn right to meet the tarmac access road.

Turn left and follow the road to the large house, the path goes to the left, in front of the house and around to the back. You will see a wooden shed; the path is to the right-hand side and through a small gate. Follow the path along the hillside to meet the wide cycle way. Keep right and follow this path, you will cross over the railway and pass the old Methodist Church on your way to Brearley.

Turn left at the crossroads and over the river bridge, head up the lane, on your right you will see the cobbled path leading you on to the canal towpath. Turn left and head towards Mytholmroyd.

Take in the many things you don’t see on the roads and byways. Continue along the towpath as you walk through Mytholmroyd and on to Hebden Bridge, you will have to cross the main road, at the crossing area, to once again join the towpath towards Hebden Bridge.

Keeping on the towpath, you will pass Calder Holmes Park on your left and the many narrow boats at the basin opposite.

The towpath will go up a slight incline to a small bridge; you now have the opportunity to visit the beautiful sights of Hebden Bridge, with its many shops, cafes and pubs, if you wish. Otherwise walk straight forward, with the canal to your right, along the path. It will turn left and go up 26 steps, the path will then lead you on to Palace House Road.

Turn left and walk over the railway bridge, approximately 50 meters ahead you will see on the right-hand side of the road a way-marker sending you up a small tarmac road. Follow this road up, to the bungalow and then take the path to the left, in front of the bungalow and behind the row of houses.

Continue along until you reach the woodland and a crossroads of paths, walk straight forward up the woodland path. The path will eventually turn in to a track and become cobbled. When you reach the old houses on your right, turn right to meet the concrete road. Turn right and walk up the road for approximately 70 meters, on your left you will see Wood Hey Lane, follow this wide track back towards Mytholmroyd.

The lane will change names to Park Lane and then Nest Lane, continue along, pass the red bricked houses and Nest Estate. The next turning will be Stocks Drive, turn left and walk down the drive, passing the WMC and on to Thrush Hill Road.

Turn left and just before the railway bridge you will be able to cross the road and up the steps opposite. Continue along this path, taking through the bottom of Elphaborough Close to the footpath next to the Cragg Brook. Turn left and then walk over the footbridge next to The Shoulder of Mutton, the carpark is now in front of you.