Self Guided Walks

Nab End Quarries

Nab End Quarries

4.5 miles – 2.5 hours – grade 2++

Our walk starts in Mytholmroyd, parking on New Road, opposite the Shoulder of Mutton, in the church carpark.

The first mile of the walk is challenging (grade 2++) but then becomes a grade 2 – it is well worth the effort for the magnificent views.

Leave the carpark and turn left on to Scout Road, cross the road and walk-up Hall Bank Lane. Keep left and continue up the steep lane as it climbs the valley side, you can have as many stops as you need, it is a very good excuse to take in the different views!

Hall Bank Lane ends at the new culvert and wall, follow the gravel track and then the grass track up and round to your right. As the track widens it becomes Stake Lane. Continue along until you come to a junction, turn right and walk back on yourself to the signpost leading up a wide track towards a house.

You are now on Mirey Lane, after the house the track becomes a path and goes to your right and around the hill in front of you. Keep to the path as it turns left and up to the houses on your right. You will see the ancient roadway leading you away from the Nab End Quarries on your left.

Continue along this wide access road, when the road turns right, go straight forward onto the wide grassy track – Moor Bottom Road. After about 400m, on your left you will see a very wide farm track going down the valley side to a crossroads. You are now on Long Causeway, turn left and walk on the road, passing the various farm buildings and Ringstone Hill Lane.

The next turning on your right is Hathershelf Lane, continue down the lane, passing several houses and farms. On your left you will see the signpost leading into the field over a style. You need to walk straight forward in the middle of the field to the wide gap in the far wall.

You will then see the wall in the next field, you need to keep the wall on your right-hand side and continue through the fields, there is a path, depending on the cow’s footprints. You will then come to a gated style at the junction of a path to your right, keep left into the next field and keep the field wall to your right.

As the valley opens out in front of you, you come to a fenced path, this will bring you back to Stake Lane, turn right and walk down to meet Hall Bank Lane, retrace your steps back to carpark.