Self Guided Walks

Shelf, Judy Woods and Norwood Green

The walk starts from the main car park for Shelf Hall Park, off Bridle Stile.

From the car park take the path across the park to the tarmac roadway, as you walk towards the village hall, on your right, you will see a path leading you down the hillside to the stream. After crossing the stream, the path turns right, continue along the path and you will come to a way marker leading you to your left, follow this path and when the paths fork, keep to the left-hand path and continue along until you reach Brow Lane.

Cross the road and turn right, continue along the footpath, the road becomes Green Lane, you will pass the remains of the old Green Lane Fever Hospital on your right. You will then pass High Bentley Hall. Green Lane then turns to the right with the junction of Riding Hill on the left, turn left along Riding Hill, the road then drops down, about 50 meters on your right you will see a stone step leading you into the wood.

Continue along the woodland path, with the stream below. The path with level off after a quarter of a mile and you will come to a crossroads of paths, one leading from the field on your right, turn left and go down the stepped path leading to the stream. Continue down to the stream and cross over on the steppingstones. The path turns right towards the woodland and then up the side of the wood to the top, where you will find a gate way. Follow the path past the fencing.

On your left is a large gate, on your right a path leading into the wood, take the path straight ahead going on the large grassy field between the woodlands. The path climbs the field, keep to the left and at the top you will see a well-defined path, continue along the path to the large field ahead. You will see ahead Royds Farm and its outbuildings. Cross the field and head for the large barn, as you approach the barn you will see a stone step style leading you onto the access road.

Turn right and follow the access road through the farm buildings and continue along and down the track, you will walk between a hedge row to the left and woodland to your right. The track turns right by a large boulder and the path turns left onto an old cart track, go down the old cart track. At the bottom turn right and you will come to Horse Close Bridge (Judy North had a garden and tea rooms here in the 1800s, hence the name ‘Judy Woods’).

Cross the bridge and follow the main track around the right and left bends and continue forward to a T junction with Village Street at Norwood Green. Turn right and walk along the footpath, you will pass the Village Clock Tower on your left and the Old Police Station on your right, as the footpath starts to descend, on your left you will pass Chatsworth House, opposite is the lane leading to Lower Ox Heys. Continue up the tarmac road, passing Lower Ox Heys and eventually you will come to Middle Ox Heys.

The Calderdale Way Marker is in front of you, continue along this path, which will bring you into a field. Continue along the field to a style on your left. The path slants down to the wood below. When you enter the wood take the right-hand path, which leads you along the top edge of the wood. At the far end the path rises to a solitary house, continue up the access lane.

As you pass the house you will see to your left a way marker leading you into the wood. Descend the long flight on steps to the waterfall below. After crossing the bridge, you will see in front of you a style leading into the field. The path leads you to your left, the style is to the right of the farm building and brings you onto the access road.

Turn right and follow the access road up through the fields and back to Bridle Stile and the Shelf Hall carpark.