Self Guided Walks

Bell House & Erringden Moor

**Warning**   this walk takes you on both Bell House Moor and Erringden Moor it is advisable ‘not’ be carried out in adverse weather.

The walk starts on Cragg Road (B6138) Mytholmroyd; go past the Shoulder of Mutton Inn and continue along the road, you will pass Royds Ices on the left. When the houses end on the right, there is ample parking on the road.

Walk along the footpath for a few meters to Dauber Bridge, where the road ‘S’ bends. Take the right turning onto the concrete road and continue along this road as it gently rises the valley. When you come to a junction on the right, continue straight ahead, a style leads you into the woodland.

Take the left-hand lane and cross the stream, the track will take you up to the houses at Frost Hole; follow the well-defined path to the left, in front of the first house. This will take you onto a path which slants up the hillside. Continue along this path into the field and turn left, you will come out onto a farm track and style. When you have climbed the style, you will see opposite another style, climb this and turn right, follow the path with the wall to your right, as it curves to the left.

As you approach the top you will see a modern barn in the next field. Carry on straight up the field, with the wall to your right, a little further ahead you will come into a wide walled, grassy path. At the top right corner is a gate onto a concrete road at Keelham.

Turn right and follow the road, you will pass the farmhouse on your right, continue along. To your right you will see Bell House Farm (one of the Cragg Coiners hide a ways). As the road bares right, to your left you will see a way marker, leading you up on to the moor, to your right you will then see a path and a series of way markers leading you along the top of the moor. There are several boggy areas, fortunately there are several small wooden bridges to help you cross and continue the walk.

Continue along this path, you will go down a stone step and the path turns right, you will see a signpost, about 100 meters in front. Follow the sign for ‘Harrys Wood’ and continue along the moor top. The path is well defined but if you keep the edge of the moor to your left and the steep drop to your right, avoiding any other paths, you are heading in the right direction. Ahead you will see a wall on your left, continue along the path until you come to a laddered style. Our path is to your right and goes down into the woodland.

The path turns left and right as you descend the woodland, you will come to a gate leading you onto a concrete road. Turn left and follow the road down. You will pass the back of a farmhouse and to a junction, continue straight forward to the farmhouse in front of you. The road turns right, go down the hill and keep right, you will come to a gate and the end of the concrete road. The path is to the right and follows the stream down the valley.

You will come out at Hoo Hole, continue down between the house and barn, turn left after the barn and continue down the track back to Cragg Road.