Self Guided Walks

Shibden Valley

The walk starts from the carpark on Staups Lane, Stump Cross, Halifax.

Walk along Staups Lane, going up the hill, before it joins Kell Lane, there is a tarmac drive to the left, walk along the drive to the end, there is a style next to the large tree, into the field. There is a well-defined path across the fields.

You will exit the field at a style leading onto Blake Hill. Directly opposite is a walled path, continue along this path, which will bring you out into Whiskers Lane. Turn right and continue up the path to the junction with Brow Lane.

Continue up Brow Lane to the junction and turn left, going down Blake Hill End, turning at the bottom onto Paddock Lane, follow this to the junction with Aldersgate Lane and Green Lane. Continue along Aldersgate Lane, you will come to a hamlet of farmhouses, continue through to a large gate and onto a track.

Follow this track to the next junction, taking in the views of the valley. Turn left and follow the track, you will come into Simm Carr Lane. Follow the lane to the bottom and continue along for about 90 meters, you will see a gate on the right leading you down some steps to the Shibden Brook.

Continue over the bridge and follow the path up the valley side. Turn left and follow the path to a tight stone style, leading to Scout Hall – ‘The Calendar Hall’. The farm track will take you up the hill and past Lee Farm and Lee House. You will come to the cobbled lane – Lee Lane. Walk down the lane to the first property on the right ‘Ousl Hall’. You will see a style on the right before the house.

Take this track, which is narrow to start with but soon brings you out onto a wider track. When you start to pass the farm buildings the track becomes Turner Lane, continue along until you come to the first turning to the left – Jerwood Hill Road. At the bottom of Jerwood Hill Road and the junction with Horley Green Road, there is a track to the left and a path straight forward down by the Mayfield Trust building, take this path. When you enter the field, there is a fenced path to the bottom. Take the left-hand path and continue down to the small tarmac road.

Continue down to the hamlet of houses, turn left and walk between them, on the right you will see a wooden gate, follow this path, alongside the stream to the bottom, you will once again come to Shibden Brook, go over the bridge and up the steps back onto Staups Lane, turning right will once again bring you back to the carpark.