Self Guided Walks

Sowerby Bridge to Norland, HX6 3AB

This walk begins in Sowerby Bridge from the railway station, where there is ample parking on Station Road. You could always start from the Moorings carpark at the canal basin and alter the start and finish.

Head towards the railway station and go down the subway and follow the signs for Sowerby Bridge. Come down a set of steps, to meet Holmes Road. Turn left and walk a couple of meters before crossing the road and following the snicket over the River Calder. Turn right and walk down the road, keeping left at the bottom until you meet the canal.

Follow the canal towpath past Sowerby Bridge canal basin and head out in the direction of Salterhebble. At the third bridge that crosses the canal, come off the towpath and walk over the bridge, re-crossing the River Calder; the refuse tip will be facing you.

Once across the river bridge, turn sharp left and onto a pathway between the river and the old allotment site. The pathway will come out at Stern Bridge, cross the road and turn right and head for the railway bridge.

Follow the track under the bridge and around on towards a house, carry on the track and pass the large pond, as the track turns to the right to head uphill, continue forward to find a path to the left of the line of conifers. Go over the style, then across the footbridge before following the footpath up the hillside to the walled footpath. Continue up this path then turn left and follow the line across the fields to meet up with a track at the edge of North Dean Woods, opposite the large white house.

Turn right and walk up, along the track, at the junction turn right and walk past the farms, Tinker Hey Farm and Upper Tinker Hey Farm, look out for a path on the left that heads diagonally into the wood, there is an old sign here. This path takes you through the woodland and up some steps to the bottom of Maple Dean Clough.

Head up Maple Dean Clough keeping to the footpath as it switches from one side to the other. This path will emerge at a gate by Clough Bridge, turn right and follow the road around across Clough Bridge, take the right-hand fork and follow this road until you come to a T junction. Go straight forward over the stile and then cross the field and walled track. When you reach the road continue across into the old car park opposite, you will see a style, cross the field diagonally to another gate.

Follow the path between the line of upright stones, at the end turn right and walk down the hillside to another gate. Turn right and follow the path through the field, keeping to the wall side, then along the bottom of the field to another gate. Go through this and then head across the field to meet the road.

Turn left and pass the houses, then turn right after the last house and head down a cobbled path, this leads to a line of terraced houses. Here turn back on yourself and head down on the old footpaths and tracks to the bowling green in Allen Park. Walk around the bowling green to the path between the bushes and you will emerge back at Sowerby Bridge Railway Station.