Self Guided Walks

Around Southowram

Around Southowram

4.5 miles – grade 2+ – 2.5 hours

We start our walk on Halifax Old Road, Hipperholme, just below the railway bridge and on the left, after the road calming bollard. The path is on the left next to the telegraph pole and before the first house.

Continue along this path, over the styles and through the fields until you reach the small road, Norcliffe Lane. Cross over on to the track to the old brick works. On your left is the Red Beck and the once famous Sunny Bunces Leisure Gardens.

You will come towards the old buildings of the brickworks, on you left you will see some steps going down, follow this walled path, you will cross over the Red Beck at a footbridge and continue along the footpath until you reach Walter Clough Lane.

Turn right and walk up the lane until you reach the first style on your left; follow this path along, through the fields to meet with a farm access track. Turn right and follow the track, you will come out at a T junction, with a group of houses to your right. In front of you is a gate, follow the path straight forward through the field to the large wall ahead. The path now turns right, follow the path to the end and turn left, this path will bring you to the quarry access road and farm opposite.

Turn left and walk down the road to meet Church Lane. Turn left and when the large wall opposite ends, you will need to cross the road and head down the path. Crossover the paths and down the cobbled track until you meet another farm track. Turn right and on your left is a style into the field, keeping the field side to your right, head up the field.

The fenced path will take you onto School Lane and then straight forward on to Ashday Lane. Turn right and walk up to the junction with West Lane and Town Gate. Turn left and walk-up West Lane to the entrance of Marshall’s, opposite you will see the style leading you up, on your left-hand side, into the field.

Walk straight forward on the path to the top of the field, turn right and then left to meet the style ahead. Turn left and follow the path to the other side of the field. Diagonally to your right, walk across the field to the large opening, turn right and follow the path along, with the wall to your right. At the end of the wall the path goes diagonally to your right, you will come to a style in the far right-hand corner.

Turn right and follow the wide track, with the stone quarry to your right. After 100 meters, on your left, you will see the access to the field, continue along the path towards the old garden nursery. Just before, turn right and follow the track down to meet with Pinnar Lane.

Turn left, just after the houses you will see a way-marker leading you down some steps into the field, walk across the field to the style opposite and on to Law Lane. Turn down Law Lane, passing the farm shop on your left. At the bottom cross over the road, on to Whitley Lane. Follow the lane down to the junction with Walter Clough Lane, take the left-hand track and follow this down towards the farm and stables.

Walking past the house you will see the large stain-glassed window with a horse’s head on. Continue along and the path is to your left, following a large stone wall. At the end, turn right and follow the path to the junction of another track, Marsh Lane, turn right and follow this down to once again meet Norcliffe Lane. Turn right and follow your way down to once again join the path across the styles and fields to Halifax Old Road.