Self Guided Walks

Cullingworth Moor

Cullingworth Moor

5 miles – grade 2+ – 2.5 hours

We start our walk from the carpark on Station Road, Cullingworth, opposite the church and The George Hotel. Walk back to the main road and cross over to the Cenotaph, turn right and walk down Greenside Lane, turn right and continue up Greenside Lane to the junction with Hallas Lane.

Turn right onto Hallas Lane and continue along the wide tough track to meet up with the B6144. Cross the road and join the footpath to the Great Northern Railway Track. When you reach the track, turn left and continue for approximately 300 meters to meet with Doll Lane. Turn right and follow the track up to the hamlet of houses ahead.

Keep to the right of the houses and follow the track up to the farm gate, continue along this path with Hewenden Reservoir on your left. You will come to a style, walk straight forward and down the hill, you will see the way-marker down by the beck. Follow the path in front of you and straight up the steep incline. At the top turn right and follow the path through the woodland. The path will follow the fencing of the quarry until you reach Whalley Lane.

Turn right and walk up Whalley Lane to meet with the A629, cross the road and turn right. Follow the footpath until you reach the way-marker leading you into the field. The track goes straight forward into the middle of the field, you will then see it turn left, head to the old stone gate post, the track then turns right towards the farm building ahead.

The footpath is marked and goes straight forward, over a style and then a small gate into the field, along the top of the field to another style – BUT – there are sometimes some excitable horses in this field. So, when you reach the farm buildings go through the large gate on your left, follow the fenced path to the far end of this field and you will see the entrance to the next field.

The route is now diagonally left, down the field towards the farm buildings and to the left-hand corner of the field. You will find a newly built gateway and wide walled track passing the side of the farmhouse. This will bring you on to Trough Lane and opposite the wide gateway on to Hallas Rough Park and Black Moor.

Follow the track forward and then to your left, continue along for approximately 400 meters, you will come to a fork in the path, take the right-hand fork and continue along for another 500 meters. You will come to a large metal gate, turn sharp right and on to the moorland. The path now goes across the moorland to meet up with the A629 once again. In the distance you will see a row of cottages, the path heads towards the right-hand side of these. It may be difficult to see it, but it does become more recognisable as you go.

You will reach a gate on to the A629, cross the road and turn left, follow the footpath towards the farmhouse ahead. At the back of the farmhouse, you will find a bridleway, walk down until you reach the B6144.

Cross over the road and enter the field opposite at the style, continue down the field, pass the farm buildings, follow the road, going over the old railway bridge. You will come onto Station Road, continue down the road towards the Church and the carpark.