Self Guided Walks

Rishworth & Krumlin

We start our walk from Mill Fold carpark, Elland Lane, Ripponden, HX6 4HS. Walk into the park, opposite the carpark and follow the path around. This will bring you to the access road, continue along following the river on your right-hand side, until the road becomes a track. The track will follow the river to the mill complex at Rishworth. Along the way you will see parts of the old railway system.

Continue along the wide track, with the river to your right-hand side. When you approach the house in front of you, the path is to the left-hand side, this will lead you into the woodland area.

Follow the well-defined path, which will bring you into the fields, keep to the left-hand side. You will see the Rishworth Mill Apartments in the distance. The path will go to the left, to a gate, this leads onto Heys Lane, turn right and follow the track to the tarmac road. The building on your left was once The Spread Eagle PH.

Follow the road up to your left, pass the farm buildings on your left and then take the walled rough track a little further up, also on your left. This is called Cock Pit Lane.

When the track joins the road at the top, Withens End Lane, turn left, then you will see a track to your right, follow this up through the heather. You will come to a crossroad of tracks, go straight forward. Ahead, take the left-hand path, this will take you into the small woodland, the path now goes in a diagonal direction to your right, weaving between the trees.

BE careful! The path come out on to Saddleworth Road, a straight long road, which is notorious for speeding traffic. Cross the road, onto the access road ahead, Scammonden Road. Walk down and take the left-hand turning, continue along for over half a mile, the road will become Krumlin Road. Follow the road, keeping left at the small junction, you will pass the large houses on ‘Ringstones’.

Then take the next left, onto a tarmac access road to Krumlin Hall, from the hall this will become a track leading to the junction of Saddleworth Road with Rishworth Road. Cross over onto Rishworth Road and turn right. On your left you will see a way marker leading down to a house. At the gateway, on your right is the path.

Follow the path along and down the valley, at a junction keep left and follow the path. You will come to a stone wall in front of you with a style to your right, turn left and up to another style on right, take this path.

You will come out on to Bank Hey Bottom Lane, in front of a row of cottages. Turn left and follow the road to the next junction, keep right. On your right you will see the way marker leading you down to the small hamlet of houses. Walk between the houses and turn right, the path leads behind the last house to a wide path in front of you.

Continue along this path, you will cross over one of the old railway bridges, turn right and follow the path to Elland Lane, turn left and head back to Mill Fold.