Self Guided Walks

Bell Hall – Short walk




CREW – Short Walks

Bell Hall

We start our walk from the North Bridge Leisure Center, walk towards the main entrance of Sainsbury’s and exit on to Wade Street, turn right up to Winding Road, turn left heading towards the railway station.

You will pass The Piece Hall, Industrial Museum, Library and Square Chapel all worth a visit if you have the time or for another day.

Continue along Church Street to the mini-round about and turn right up Prescott Street; you will pass the Old Drill Hall of the Duke of Wellington Regiment and the Old County Court building. At the junction of Portland Place and Skircoat Road, turn left and continue to the junction of Heath Road. You will pass The Shay Stadium on your left.

At the junction turn right and walk-up Heath Road to the junction with Free School Lane. The small park on your left is Sparrow Park, with Prince Albert sat on his horse. When your reach Free School Lane, turn right and continue to the junction with Savile Park Road. You will pass the former buildings of the Royal Halifax Infirmary before you reach St. Jude’s Church.

Continue along Savile Park Road, walking through Bell Hall to the junction with Arden Road, turn right and continue down Savile Park Road. This will become Savile Road and then Prescott Street. At the junction with Portland Place cross over and continue down Prescott Street to the junction of Union Street, turn left along Union Street towards Horton Street.

Cross the road and continue along Union Street in to Market Street towards Northgate and the bus station. Pass the bus station and cross Winding Road and back to the NBLC.