Self Guided Walks

Wainstalls & Wheatley

We start our walk at the crossroads with Mount Tabor Road and Balkram Edge at Wainstalls, next to the Crossroads Inn. There is plenty of parking on Balkram Edge.

From the crossroads walk along Balkram Edge for about 150 meters, on your right you will see a bridleway, walk along the bridleway for about 500 meters. You will come to a junction of tracks, turn left and walk towards Upper Greenroyd House. The track turns right in front of the house and then left towards Greenroyd and Moor End Road.

On reaching Moor End Road, turn left and walk along the pavement for 200 meters, cross the road and go down the track, Mixenden Lane Ends. Continue along the track, you will pass Grindlestone Hall, one of Halifax’s oldest buildings. Continue along the track until you reach the cobbled road of Gibb Lane.

Turn left and go down the hill, passing Gibb Farm, on your right you will see the concrete access road to Ramsden Reservoir, continue up the track passing the ruins of Ramsden Wood Farm. Just after the ruins turn left on the path, towards the woodland, you will come to a junction of paths, turn right and walk up hill. The path will soon become Buckley Lane, continue to the junction with Moor End Road.

Cross the road and walk up Broadley Road, you will come to a walled gap leading you into Roils Head. Keep the wall to your right and walk up the track until the wall turns right, turn left and walk along the wide track for 300 meters. Turn right and walk down the bridgeway for 250 meters. Turn sharp right, passing some stables, to a gate and snicket. Bear left here, down a footpath on Tower Hill, to meet Heath Hill Road. Turn right and walk up for 150 meters, you will come to a track on your left.

Continue along the track, you are walking below Sentry Edge, after about 800 meters, you will pass a farm on your left and you will come to a way-marker leading you down onto Stocks Lane.

If you walk down the lane for 30 meters, you will see on your left a stone circled wall, the entrance is at the top, it is a ‘Pinfold’ and stray animals were put in here by the Pinder, who would then charge the owners a small fee to return them.

Continue up the hill for 100 meters, on your left you will see a track, this track will lead you back to Mount Tabor Road, with the Crossroads Inn in front of you.