Self Guided Walks

Stainland and Holywell Green

Village centre car park, B6112
(SE 078195)

Exit the car park and go left down the main street, passing Holroyd Square on left and Duke of York pub on right. Just before St Andrew’s Church, go right down Carr Hall Lane.

Follow this, initially cobbled, lane down for some distance. Continue on down the track to reach the bottom.

The track curves right then left uphill; continue for approx 100 yards. Then take path on left that runs alongside Thunnerley Woods. Continue to end with wood still on left, passing three gates.

At the bottom, join tarmac road (Shaw Lane) uphill for a few paces then right into Shaw Park. Walk via lower path and the ‘Holy well’, to the top right hand corner. Exit at the car park and emerge at Station Road.

Go left, uphill, to the junction with Stainland Road . Cross and a few paces uphill, go right into and along the lane at Holywell Green Farm*.

* If muddy at farm, continue up main road to Bradley View on right. Go up and bend left to top then right into a field. Go right down and bend left to join track (Church Lane). At sharp right bend, go left and over stile. **

Go through the farm and gate and continue on a track. Ahead is a gate and stile. Go through and then diagonally left up a field to a gate in the top left corner.

Enter a walled lane for a short distance. At the junction, go right over a stile into a field with views of Halifax Bradley Hall Golf Club ahead and down to the right.

Keeping close to the wall on the left, go ahead for 150 yards. Go over a stile and after 100 yards, where the path splits, go left. Keep to the top edge of the fields following the clear footpath.

Go through wooded areas and rough moorland. At a junction of paths, go a few paces uphill to a wall and follow along to the right. Pass some railings on the right to emerge into the remains of Eaves Top Quarry.

Follow the path down to approach two large standing boulder piles. Just after***, angle right downhill and follow path as it passes along the bottom edge of the wood.

*** alternative to shorten: angle left uphill to enter playing field and up to car park.

Continue along as it starts to rise along the bottom edge of the quarry.

The path emerges at a gate. Go over stile and follow wall on right passing a gated farm track. Continue around field with wall on right.

Do not go over stile but continue to follow wall on right to top right corner. Go through a wall stile into next field. On this level field, keep wall on right going towards line of trees. At right corner, go through wall pass into a green lane.

Go up this lane passing to left of a housing estate. Shortly meet access on left into playing field.

Join a tarmac path back to the car park.

1885 pub 01422 310099
Duke of York 01422 372981
The Rock Hotel, Holywell Green 01422 379721